C2070-581 IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.1

Test information:
Number of questions: 57
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 60%
Languages: English, Japanese

Related certifications:
IBM Certified Specialist – FileNet Content Manager V5.1

Section 1 – Architecture and Planning (26%)
Demonstrate knowledge of the core engines for CE, PE, WPXT and CSS
Demonstrate knowledge of Content Manager scalability concepts
Demonstrate knowledge of high-availability concepts
Demonstrate knowledge of disaster recovery concepts
Demonstrate knowledge of prerequisite tasks and use of installation/upgrade worksheet
Demonstrate and understanding of a Content Engine domain
Demonstrate knowledge of platform communications (core engines and infrastructure components)
Demonstrate knowledge of the APIs and available transports available
Demonstrate basic knowledge of P8 dependencies to directory servers, database servers and storage devices

Section 2 – Installation and Configuration (9%)
Demonstrate an understanding of installing a single-server (Composite Platform Installation Tool) and a distributed system
Demonstrate knowledge of the Configuration Manager tool
Demonstrate knowledge of security accounts used for configuration
Demonstrate an understanding of P8 Engine client files

Section 3 – Administration (16%)
Demonstrate an understanding of backup and restore
Demonstrate knowledge of P8 system startup and shutdown
Demonstrate an understanding of WorkPlace and WorkPlace XT site/user preferences
Demonstrate knowledge of isolated region configuration
Demonstrate an understanding of Content Based Retrieval (CBR)
Demonstrate knowledge of using Content Engine query builder
Demonstrate knowledge of using Consistency Checker
Demonstrate knowledge of monitoring with IBM System Dashboard

Section 4 – Repository Design and Management (23%)
Demonstrate an understanding of repository design concepts
Demonstrate knowledge of classes, properties, choice lists, folders, object stores, and lifecycle management
Demonstrate knowledge of Content Federated Services
Demonstrate an understanding of Content Engine events: actions and subscriptions
Demonstrate knowledge of search and entry templates
Demonstrate an understanding of auditing
Demonstrate an understanding of storage areas and content encryption

Section 5 – Deployment (7%)
Demonstrate an understanding of the deployment process
Demonstrate knowledge of FileNet Deployment Manager
Demonstrate an understanding of using the import/export manifest

Section 6 – Security (9%)
Demonstrate an understanding of authentication and authorization concepts
Demonstrate knowledge of securing content using ACLs, security inheritance, marking sets and security proxies
Demonstrate knowledge of Workplace and WorkplaceXT access roles
Demonstrate an understanding of security caching

Section 7 – Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning (11%)
Demonstrate knowledge of using Content Engine trace logging and client API tracing
Demonstrate knowledge of using log4j and application server logging
Demonstrate knowledge of verifying and troubleshooting installations and upgrades
Demonstrate knowledge of evaluating and applying system fixpacks
Performance tuning the Content Engine

IBM Certified Specialist – FileNet Content Manager V5.1

Job Role Description / Target Audience
This intermediate level certified specialist is an individual that has the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to architect, plan, install, manage, deploy, secure and troubleshoot FileNet Content Manager solutions.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills
Before preparing for this certification, the following knowledge and skills are recommended and assumed:

working knowledge of FileNet Content Manager including Content Engine, Process Engine, and Workplace XT
working knowledge of LDAP
working knowledge of database products
working knowledge of Application Server products
working knowledge of Operating Systems
working knowledge of storage areas
working knowledge of High Availability (HA)
working knowledge of Disaster Recovery (DR)

Which tool is used to create a connection point to an existing Process Engine isolated region?

A. Workplace XT.
B. Process Administrator.
C. FileNet Enterprise Manager.
D. Process Configuration Console.

Answer: C


When using Workplace XT and a user is out of the office (e.g., vacation), where can they specify
an alternate person to receive their Process Engine work items?

A. Site Preferences.
B. Process Configuration Console.
C. Task Settings under User Preferences.
D. General Settings under User Preferences.

Answer: C


Which of the following is NOT reported to IBM FileNet Dashboard?

A. Remote procedure call counts and durations.
B. Number of documents stored in the Content Engine.
C. System specifications, operating system version, and product version.
D. Real-time graphing of performance data, including CPU load and memory utilization.

Answer: B


How can you start and stop P8 components?

A. IBM FileNet Enterprise Manager.
B. Command-line based instruction only for Unix.
C. Graphical user interface (GUI) only for Windows.
D. Graphical user interface (GUI) based or command-line-based instruction.

Answer: D


In which two scenarios should the Content Consistency Checker be used? (choose two.)

A. Content Engine is performing slow.
B. If search templates are not working.
C. After restoring a storage area from backup media.
D. To troubleshoot Fixed Content Device connectivity.
E. If users are unable to view the content of a document when the content is stored in a file
storage area, even when they have view-content permissions on the document.

Answer: C,E


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