C2040-442 IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals

Test information:
Number of questions: 67
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 70%
Test languages: English, Japanese

Related certifications:
IBM Certified Associate – Notes and Domino

Exam 442: IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals

Exam Competencies
General Administration
Calendaring and Scheduling
Non-XPages Design

Describe product and application architecture
Describe supported platforms, both client and server
Understand network configuration concepts (server connection doc, NNN, Directory Catalog, Directory Assistance, topologies)
Understand integration points with other IBM Collaboration Solutions products

General Administration
Describe archiving options
Describe ID creation and management
Describe iNotes
Describe Notes and Domino policies
Explain AdminP
Explain DAOS
Explain the Domino server controller, server console
Understand Agent Manager
Understand business continuity features (transaction logging and clustering)

Calendaring and Scheduling
Describe calendar cleanup
Describe calendar overlays
Describe Delegation (mailfile and meetings)
Describe Rooms and Resources
Schedule meetings (repeating meetings, freetime)

Describe a replica (and difference bet copy and replica and between managed and regular)
Understand replication history
Understand Streaming v. Standard replication

Describe Mail routing
Understand how IBM Notes Traveler and mail work
Understand mail quotas
Understand message options (recall, tracking, return receipts, journaling, blacklists)
Utilize disclaimers and signatures
Utilize Mail Rules

Describe advanced client interface (advanced menus, status bar, and toolbars)
Describe differences in IBM iNotes full client, iNotes lite, WebMail and Notes client
Explain client install and configuration, preferences, roaming and multi-user configurations

Install/create a widget
Understand importing and exporting data into/from views
Manage Inbox customization (Color coding in mail/calendar, recipient icons, conversations, preview pane)
Explain sync contacts
Explain recent contacts

Describe the ID files used
Explain local db and document/field encryption
Understand difference between authentication and authorization
Understand ECL
Understand HTTP authentication and security, web certificates
Understand Notes and internet password policies
Create and modify ACL, understand roles and user types on ACL
Understand security options in server doc, including full access administration

Describe container and core controls
Describe different data sources
Describe supported extension library controls
Describe the difference between server-side JavaScript and client-side JavaScript
Describe usage of web technologies in an XPage
Describe use of Designer client to create XPages
Describe XPages
Explain the difference between XPages app and traditional web page app

Non-XPages Design
Describe database design concepts and functionality
Understand IBM LotusScript agents and debugging

Describe Domino debug and logging options
Describe ISA and client Eclipse troubleshooting
Understand stats and events, including DDM
Understand uses of NSD

IBM Certified Associate – Notes and Domino
An IBM Certified Associate – Notes and Domino is an individual with entry level knowledge and experience with IBM Notes and Domino and XPages. This individual is knowledgeable about the fundamental concepts of these products through either hands-on experience or formal and informal education. The associate should have an in-depth knowledge of the basic to intermediate tasks required in day-to-day use of these products.

Key Areas of Competency
General Administration
Calendaring and Scheduling
Design (including XPages)

Prerequisite skills required:

Working knowledge of IBM Notes and Domino
Working knowledge of client-side browser technologies
Working knowledge of OS, networking, protocols and firewall concepts
Basic knowledge of security (SSL, data encryption)
Basic knowledge of problem determination

How can IBM Notes email be surfaced in IBM Connections?

A. The Notes email connector must be installed.
B. IBM iNotes can be presented in an Connections iFrame.
C. Connections must be configured for Connections Mail.
D. The Connections email forwarder must be enabled and configured.

Answer: C


What feature allows IBM Domino users to send secure 128-byte encrypted SMTP messages?

B. IP Version 6
C. Banyan Vines protocol
D. SMTP over SSL

Answer: D


Which server feature is responsible for name changes and database ACL updates?

A. Name Change Process
B. Replication
C. Extended ACL
D. Administration Process

Answer: D


Sarah has been asked to remove company data from a mobile device that’s been lost. How can
she do this?

A. She would issue a remote wipe command for that device.
B. She would need to call the mobile device carrier and have them clear the device.
C. She would need to change the user’s IBM Notes Traveler configuration to an empty mail file.
D. She would issue a tell traveler clear device user command on the Traveler server.

Answer: A


What does Joe need to do to enable IBM Notes Traveler in his environment?

A. Joe’s users need to be on IBM Notes 8.x or higher.
B. At a minimum, Joe needs to ensure he has 100 MB free disk space and install HTTP/HTTPS.
C. The IBM Domino server needs to be setup in a Web Configuration since Traveler does not support Internet Sites.
D. At a minimum, Joe needs to ensure he has 500 MB free disk space, 512 MB free RAM, and HTTP/HTTPS service.

Answer: D




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