C2020-003 IBM Algo One Fundamentals

Test information:
Number of questions: 60
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 66%
Languages: English

Related certifications:
IBM Certified Specialist – Algo One Fundamentals

The IBM Algo One Fundamentals exam covers fundamental concepts in input data, Risk Watch, the Algo Scenario engine and Algo Batch as well as basic services configuration. In preparation for the exam, see the recommended training and product documentation under the Test Preparation tab.

Algo One Fundamental Concepts (15%)
Identify the key components in the Algo One environment
Identify Algo One

Algo One Basic Services Configuration (12%)
Identify the core configuration concepts
Identify database installation concepts
Describe administration support tools

Input Data Fundamental Concepts (19%)
Identify core input data concepts
Describe Datamart concepts

Risk Watch Fundamental Concepts (21%)
Describe Risk Watch configuration concepts
Identify MtF concepts

Algo Scenario Engine Fundamental Concepts (13%)
Identify scenario concepts
Identify inputs and outputs
Describe the purpose of ASE

Algo Batch Fundamental Concepts (20%)
Identify Algo Batch concepts
Describe batch design concepts
Describe the batch analysis technique

Which Algo One components are required to create a custom client DLM thatimplements a new production quality pricing function?

A. Algo One Compiler and Algo One Standard Library
B. RiskWatch and Algo One Standard Library
C. RiskWatch and AIDB
D. RiskWatch and Risk++

Answer: D

What is the standard environment variable that points to the directory that containsthe Algo Core software?

C. *as491*
D. *top491*

Answer: B

Regulatory Capital calculates risk-weighted assets and intermediate measuresrequired for regulatory reporting under which regulatory standard?

A. Solvency II Directive
B. Dodd-Frank
C. Basel Accords
D. Glass-Steagall

Answer: C

What do you need to do to setup Algo databases in batch mode?

A. Set the appropriate values in *$ALGO_TOP/cfg/algosuitelocal.xml*,then run*$ALGO_HOME/setup/bin/algosetupbatch*.
B. Set the appropriate values in *$ALGO_TOP/cfg/algosuiteglobal.xml*,then run*$ALGO_HOME/setup/bin/algosetupbatch*.
C. Set the appropriate values in *$ALGO_TOP/cfg/algosuitelocal.xml*,then run*$ALGO_HOME/setup/bin/setupbatch*.
D. Set the appropriate values in *$ALGO_TOP/cfg/algosuiteglobal.xml*,then run*$ALGO_HOME/setup/bin/setupbatch*.

Answer: A

When active,what does the Algo Security Dual Control functionality ensure?

A. that Pair Programming is enabled
B. that there are a minimum of two Algo User IDs for each role
C. that security changes must be made in two places
D. that security changes will have a separate confirmation step

Answer: D

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