Arrival Of iPhone 6 In 2012 – iPhone 5 To Receive A Spec Bump

The 5th generation of iPhone is on verge of being released and there are thousands of speculations, suggestions, and rumours spreading throughout the internet. IPhone development, iPad application development and iPhone apps development is increasing immensely by passing time and new inventions of iPhone smartphones. People are desperately waiting for the launch of iPhone 5 and also fans are wondering what features this phone is about to bring. As per accurate reports let’s see an article of what it says about this awaited smartphone.

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A new report comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, a security analyst who has been providing very sensible and accurate reports from a long time. If you are the one who have read his reports in the past then you must be well aware that his reports actually do make good sense. His reports are similar to rumours regarding iPhone 5 that is expected to go into production in the month of September. Further the report states that the phone will be identical to the earlier iPhone4 and will be having only few internal changes to set it apart. Kuo has information from his well-informed sources that iPhone 5 will be having A5 processor during the supply chain. This change was certain and expected by most of the people. It would also include a better 8 megapixel camera and this something that was already reckoned to find its way in this next generation iPhone.

iPhone developers expect that after its release iPhone development and iPhone apps development would be boosted. Further as per Kuo’s talks Apple is expected to switch to a Qualcomm baseband for both its models including GSM and CDMA in addition to an improved antenna design. His all suggestions make sense and are not different from previous rumours that we have reported on. Now the interesting part is the release dates as per Ming-Chi Kuo. He has been told by his sources that the phone will be going into trial production in the month of August and in the month of September for mass production. The turnover is expected with an estimated figure of 28 million and 32 million units this year.

The missing thing sticking out of Kuo’s report is his belief about Apple’s announcement regarding iPhone 5 at WWDC even after the fact that it is 3 months earlier than iPhone 5 is expected to be in production by Apple. As per his suggestion that main selling point of the iPhone 5 will be revamped by iOS 5 although the new operating system be more than likely support to older iPhone 4 as well.

The final piece of information from Ming-Chi Kuo is about his claims about Apple that it is still planning to introduce a new iPhone 6 in the first half of year 2012 probably at WWDC 2012. This phone would be a significant redesign by the company and more than just a spec boost by Apple. Even after knowing the fact of Apple releasing iPhone 5 later after the period expected he still reckons the iPhone 6 plan that Apple follows. Let us see whether these claims prove to be true and are seen but as we have mentioned earlier in this article that Ming-Chi Kuo is famous for getting things right. But suddenly iPhone developers will be busy for iPhone users in order to provide them with iPhone apps development for new apps that would be introduced in the phone.