DES-1D11 Specialist, Technology Architect | Midrange Storage Solutions Exam

This exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist-Technology Architect, Midrange Storage (DECS-TA) track.

This exam tests the candidate’s knowledge to architect and size solutions for Dell EMC Unity and SC Series systems. This exam also tests the candidate’s knowledge of key product features of both of these storage systems.

Dell EMC provides free practice tests to assess your knowledge in preparation for the exam. Practice tests allow you to become familiar with the topics and question types you will find on the proctored exam. Your results on a practice test offer one indication of how prepared you are for the proctored exam and can highlight topics on which you need to study and train further. A passing score on the practice test does not guarantee a passing score on the certification exam.

Products likely to be referred to on this exam include but are not limited to:
 Dell EMC Unity(All Flash Array, Hybrid, VSA)
 SC Series

Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:

Dell EMC Midrange Architectures (25%)
 Identify and describe the Unity hardware (e.g., enclosures, I/O components, storage media options, etc.)
 Explain Unity storage resources and features (e.g., dynamic pools, RAID functions)
 Identify and describe SC Series storage resources, connectivity options (e.g., RAID, Consistency Groups, SSD, HDD options), and use cases
 Identify and describe the various controller options available in the SC Series models

Dell EMC Midrange Product Solutions (42%)
 Identify key features of the SC Series operating system
 Describe SC Series cross-platform replication functionality and use cases
 Describe how to provision and access Unity storage; including Block, Files, and VMware datastores
 Identify Unity advanced features for Block storage; e.g, FAST Suite, D@RE, host I/O limit availability, thin clones
 Identify Unity advanced features for File storage; e.g, IP Multi-tenancy, Advanced Static Routing, IP Packet Reflect, etc.
 Identify and describe Unity Data Protection (e.g., Snapshots, Replication, and Snapshot Replication architecture) solutions and use cases
 Describe Unity Data Mobility features, requirements, and use cases
 Compare and contrast similar features between the Unity and SC Series products

Dell EMC Midrange Best Practices, Sizing, and Design (33%)
 Apply Dell EMC midrange best practice recommendations for data service, system, storage, and host application configurations
 Identify and describe the sizing and design considerations for Unity and SC Series features
 Identify and describe how to size and design a midrange solution for performance, capacity, security, and resilience
 Describe the data gathering methods to size and design an SC Series solution
 Identify and describe the tools and resources available to size and design Unity and SC Series solutions
 Explain how to size an SC Series solution that includes Tiers 1-3, storage requirements, front-end and back-end connections, and common use cases

The percentages after each topic above reflects the approximate distribution of the total question set across the exam.

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