C9510-058 Rational Performance Tester V8

Number of questions: 60
Number of questions to pass: 36
Time allowed: 75 mins
Status: Live

The test consists of five sections containing a total of approximately 60 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1 – Workload Analysis 15%
Model the system under test
Identify testing goals
Identify performance measurements

Section 2 – Creating Tests 25%
Creating and enhancing tests
Recording transactions
Validate and debug tests
Adding test elements
Adding custom code

Section 3 – Managing Test Data 20%
Identifying test data
Using datapools
Correlating data

Section 4 – Creating Schedules 20%
Enhancing schedules
Design and represent workloads
Changing schedule settings
Setting up large test runs

Section 5 – Reporting 20%
Evaluate test results
Customizing reports
Extract and export data from reports


Using Rational Performance Tester Version 7

This IBM® Redbooks® publication is intended to show customers how Rational processes and products support and enable effective systems testing.

The book describes how performance testing fits into the overall process of building enterprise information systems. We discuss the value of performance testing and its benefits in ensuring the availability, robustness, and responsiveness of your information systems that fill critical roles for your enterprise.

Based on years of project experience, we describe the key requirements needed in performance testing tools and how the IBM Rational Performance Tester tool was developed to meet those requirements. We also walk through the choices that we made to steer the tool architecture into using an open source platform as its base with Java as its language to permit ubiquitous platform support.

This book is structured into two parts:

Understanding Rational Performance Tester
Applying Rational Performance Tester to enterprise application testing

Note: This Redbook is valid as a learning aid to prepare for the Rational Perfomance Tester V8 Certification test.
Web Resource

Information Center: Installing Rational Performance Tester and Rational Performance Tester Agent

Which three steps should you perform to troubleshoot an issue with gathering response time breakdown data from WebSphere Application Server 7.0? (Choose three.)

A. ensure that the WAS server instance is running on the tester server before trying to instrument it
B. check that the account used for performing the instrumentation has administrator or root privileges
C. check if WAS security is active and turn it off
D. check that the application under test is deployed on a stand-alone WAS server
E. check the WAS server that is behind a firewall

Answer: A,B,C

Why should you clear the cache when you record a test?

A. to force the browser to download all page elements resulting in a more accurate test
B. to force the browser to download all page elements resulting in longer page load times
C. to simulate a new user who has never used the application
D. to simulate actual browser behavior

Answer: A

Which three factors affect the performance test measurements? (Choose three.)

A. sampling interval
B. network bandwidth
C. think time
D. verification points
E. user load

Answer: B,C,D

When using custom code, what is a good idea?

A. change the package name and class name
B. comment the Java code well
C. move the package outside of the src directory
D. use a meaningful class name

Answer: A

How do you set the condition in an if-then statement?

A. use the value of a string or a reference to control executing specified HTTP requests
B. select a reference that has been previously defined in the test
C. enter a string that has been previously defined in the test
D. set a condition that can be evaluated to be true or false

Answer: A

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