C9060-400 IBM Spectrum Scale V4.1.1 Implementation

Number of questions: 70
Number of questions to pass: 47
Time allowed: 90 mins
Status: Live

This exam consists of 4 sections described below.

Section 1: Prepare for the Installation
Given that the software has been downloaded and is ready to install, prepare the systems so that IBM Spectrum Scale can be installed.
Given that the systems are prepared to enable an installation, configure the network prerequisites so that Spectrum Scale can be installed.
Given that the system and network settings are complete, configure security settings so the systems are ready for Spectrum Scale installation.

Section 2: Install IBM Spectrum Scale
Given Spectrum Scale Toolkit installer is present on system, enable the installation and deployment of Spectrum Scale software so that the Spectrum Scale can be configured the nsd and filesystem installation.
Given the need to manuallyinstall Spectrum Scale, enable the installation and deployment of Spectrum Scale Cluster so that the Spectrum Scale Protocol nodes are defined and installed.

Section 3: Data Management
Given IBM Spectrum Scale is installed, add or modify filesystems or fileset so that the requirements of performance and functionality can be met.
Given Existing Spectrum Scale environment consisting of IBM AIX, Linux x86_64, and Linux ppc64 nodes, running at least Spectrum Scale v4.1 release, a list of which nodes will require access to encrypted data, and a remote key manager (RKM) for providing access control to keys and certificates, configure and manage encryption so that files are encrypted correctly, and only the Spectrum Scale nodes that have access to the corresponding Master Encryption Keys can access the data.
Given the business rules and file systems and filesets to be used, create and manage policies so that files are placed and moved according to the business rules.
Given IBM Spectrum Scale V4.1.1 is installed, required home and gateway nodes are available, file system has been created, set up Active File Management for use within the customer’s environment so that Active File Management home and cache clusters are configured and working.
Given IBM Spectrum Scale 4.1.1 is installed, source data is accessible, and File system has been created on target cluster, manage data migration from other file systems so that data has been succesfully migrated to IBM Spectrum Scale file system and is accessible.
Given IBM Spectrum Scale 4.1.1 is installed and Luns or disks have been allocated for NSD creation configure and manage replication so that failure groups and data and metadata replication has been properly configured and managed.
Given IBM Spectrum Scale 4.1.1 is installed, CES is enabled and NFS Protocols are enabled manage protocol nodes and exports so that CES nodes have been properly configured and managed.
Given IBM Spectrum Scale is installed, manage Clustered Export Services so that data can be provided to clients and end users.
Given IBM Spectrum Scale 4.1.1 is installed and Object packages are installed, manage Object Protocol Nodes so that users and services can properly interact with the Object protocol.
Given IBM Spectrum Scale 4.1.1 is installed, CES is enabled and SMB is enabled, manage protocol nodes and exports so that CES nodes have been properly configured and managed.
Given two or more Spectrum Scale clusters exist with the following conditions: each node in the Spectrum Scale clusters requiring file system access has one of the following: a virtual connection to the file system data through an NSD server; A physical connection to the disks containing file system data and UIDs and GIDs have been mapped to be consistent between the clusters configure a multi-cluster environment so that the requirements are met.
Given a file system or fileset, manage user, group or filsetquotas so that properly configured quotas for users, groups, and filesets and reports about quotas and usage are available.
Given nodes with local storage configured to be part of the Spectrum Scale cluster, configure file placement Optimizer so that the system is properly configured to use the storage for mapping and reducing workloads.

Section 4: System Administration and Maintenance
Given a Spectrum Scale cluster, and list of one or more nodes with Spectrum Scale software installed, manage spectrum scale nodes so that Spectrum Scale cluster has node changes desired.
Given an mm command that takes the -N option (e.g. mmaddnode -N) configure and manage node classes so that the node class can determine the grouping of nodes that will affect the command.
Given an existing Spectrum Scale infrastructure, a list of NSD servers in that infrastructure, and one or more nodes that have Spectrum Scale software installed, configure NSD Client to Server communication so that the NSD clients have access to the NSD devices through the NSD servers.
Given a Spectrum Scale environment, and application workload characteristics such as sequential I/O, random I/O, random direct I/O, tune Spectrum Scale performance so that pagepool and maxMBps values are set correctly.
Given existing Spectrum Scale cluster, manage operating system and Spectrum Control patches so that Spectrum Scale nodes are at the desired level.
Given an existing Spectrum Scale environment, determine the health of the cluster and its components so that it can be deemed healthy, or any problems can be identified for corrective action.
Given that a cluster event occurs (e.g. nodeJoin, lowDiskSpace), create and implement callbacks so that a script will execute when the event occurs.

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Classroom Course

Course Title: IBM Spectrum Scale 4.1 Basic Administration for Linux

Course Duration: 3 Days

Course Number: H005G

Course Abstract: IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly GPFS) System Administration is intended for IT professionals tasked with administering an IBM Spectrum Scale system on Linux and AIX environments. This course includes information on installing, configuring, and monitoring an IBM Spectrum Scale cluster. Many features are described and tested on lab activities including: Storage management, High availability options, cluster management, and information lifecycle management (ILM) tools.
Note: Although the lab is created to run on Linux, because the Spectrum Scale differences running on an AIX environment are minor, the skills intended to be acquired during the course include both Linux and AIX.

IBM Spectrum Scale
A Deployment Guide for IBM Spectrum Scale Object

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