C9020-668 IBM Storage Technical V1

Number of questions: 60
Number of questions to pass: 33
Time allowed: 90 mins
Status: Live

This exam consists of 4 sections described below.

Application of Resources and Tools 20%
Given a scenario, evaluate which tool(s) to use based upon key applications, performance requirements, customer pain points, capacity / growth requirements, and the impact on total cost.
Describe uses of IBM maintenance, IBM websites, IBM tools, and IBM processes.
Given a scenario, identify high-level steps to integrate new solutions into an existing systems environment.

Customer Environment, Requirements, and Plans 32%
Describe a customer’s hardware and software environment.
Describe customer operational constraints, including power, cooling, personnel, knowledge level, service level requirements.
Identify disaster recovery and high availability requirements.
Identify customer performance requirements, including throughput and latency.
Identify the customer’s capacity and growth requirements and the impact on total cost.

Hybrid Cloud and Analytics Concepts 13%
Describe ways the IBM storage portfolio enables hybrid, public, and private clouds.
Describe ways the IBM storage portfolio enables analytics.
Describe ways the IBM storage portfolio provides security.

Product Information 35%
Given a scenario, describe the difference between various storage media and align them to a requirement of TCA, performance, and upgradability.
Given a scenario, explain the difference in cost, performance, and reliability of IBM storage solutions.
Given a scenario, describe IBM’s competitive advantages.
Given a scenario, describe how IBM enterprise storage products help clients solve data and device management issues through application efficiency and integration.
Given a scenario, explain alternatives to the existing environment to provide additional functionality.

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IBM employees: IBM Systems Academy
Business Partners: IBM PartnerWorld University

Which solution meets a customer’s requirements for 100,000 IOPS, lowest latency, and maximum TB of raw capacity for an Oracle database?

A. IBM FlashSystem A9000
B. IBM Storwize V7000F
C. IBM FlashSystem V9000
D. IBM FlashSystem 900

Answer: D

IBM FlashSystem 900 is designed to accelerate the applications that drive business – like those using an Oracle Database.
IBM FlashSystem 900 can scale usable capacity from as low as 2 TB to as much as 57 TB in a single system.
FlashSystem 900 delivers Tier 0 top application performance with up to 1.1 million 100% random read IOPS and 600,000 100% random write IOPS.

Which non-concurrent capacity upgrade is possible for a customer with an IBM FlashSystem 900?

A. Systems purchased with eight 2.9 TB flash modules can be expanded to twelve 2.9 TB flash modules.
B. Systems purchased with eight 5.7 TB flash modules can be expanded to twelve 2.9 TB flash modules.
C. Systems purchased with eight 1.2 TB flash modules can be expanded to twelve 2.9 TB flash modules.
D. Systems purchased with eight 1.2 TB flash modules can be expanded to twelve 5.7 TB flash modules.

Answer: A

FlashSystem 900 can be populated with up to 12 x 1.2 TB IBM MicroLatency modules in increments , 6, 8, 10, or 12; or up to 12 x 2.9 TB or 5.7 TB IBM MicroLatency modules
in increments , 8, 10, or 12.
These modules of either 1.2 TB, 2.9 TB, or 5.7 TB cannot be intermixed. Capacity can be upgraded by purchasing the AF23 (1.2 TB), AF24 (2.9 TB)) or AF25 (5.7 TB) IBM MicroLatency module feature codes as MES upgrades. Here are the upgrade paths:


A customer is interested in purchasing an IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER Gateway for its production site and one for replication at its DR site. The DR site is a target only site.
How is the cost of the solution affected by the replication?

A. ProtecTIER replication is included with base license.
B. ProtecTIER replication is included with hardware and no license is required.
C. ProtecTIER replication licensing is required at both sites.
D. ProtecTIER replication licensing is required at the primary site only.

Answer: C

You must have a license for the replication feature for each ProtecTIER server in the replication grid.

References:https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/STVRB7_3.2.0/ts7650ipg_r eplication.html

A customer has an older IBM storage subsystem and wants to know where to find the Service Discontinued data for the product.
What should the technical specialist tell the customer?

A. Check IBM Digital Techline Center.
B. Check IBM SSIC webpage.
C. Check the IBM sales manual.
D. Check the IBM Knowledge Center.

Answer: D

When service is discontinued, corrections to known problems remain available, but the development team is redirected to other work, and no new, tested corrections will be generated for general use. Known problems may be reviewed and ordered via electronic vehicles such as the internet (e.g., http://www.ibm.com/support) however support provided by the IBM Client Support representatives, will be discontinued.


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