RC0-903 CompTIA A+ Recertification Exam

QUESTION 3 – (Topic 1)
A user reports that the cursor jumps to random screen locations when typing on a laptop computer. Which of the following devices is MOST likely causing this?

A. The touchpad
B. The mouse wheel
C. The multimedia keys
D. The digitizer

Answer: A

QUESTION 4 – (Topic 1)
Which of the following would need to be enabled on a mobile phone to share its Internet connection with multiple devices simultaneously?

B. Bluetooth
C. Hotspot
D. Tethering

Answer: C

QUESTION 5 – (Topic 1)
A customer asks a technician for a device that has the capability to easily connect a laptop to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, and charge the battery. Which of the following devices should the technician recommend to the customer?

A. Lightning
B. KVM switch
C. USB 3.0
D. Docking station

Answer: D