C2090-556 Informix 11.50 Application Developer

Test information:
Number of questions: 58
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 60%
Languages: English

The test contains six sections totalling approximately 58 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1 – Database Objects (16%)
Demonstrate knowledge of database objects
Describe when to use SQL routines, functions and modules
Demonstrate knowledge of data types

Section 2 – Traditional Data Manipulation (31%)
Demonstrate knowledge of privileges needed to access data in an application
Describe the differences between dynamic and static SQL
Demonstrate knowledge of distributed queries
Given a scenario, demonstrate knowledge of changing data
Demonstrate knowledge of cursors
Given a scenario, demonstrate the ability to manipulate large objects
Knowledge of built-in functions

Section 3 – SPL Programming (14%)
Core concepts
Core functionality
Error Handling in SPL routines

Section 4 – Core Concepts (24%)
Demonstrate knowledge of the difference between SQLI and Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA)
Demonstrate the ability to submit an SQL statement
Describe how to manipulate result sets
Demonstrate knowledge of problem determination
Demonstrate knowledge of isolation levels, locks and logging

Section 5 – Extensibility (16%)
Demonstrate knowledge of existing database extensions
Demonstrate knowledge of UDTs
How to create functions to support UDTs
Demonstrate knowledge of casting
Demonstrate knowledge of Access Methods

IBM Certified Application Developer – Informix 11.50

Job Role Description / Target Audience
This certification exam certifies that the successful candidate has an intermediate level of skills and abilities necessary to design, build, execute and deploy Informix 11.50 database applications, including knowledge of database extension.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills
Significant experience with intermediate or advanced level skills in developing applications that interact with Informix databases should be demonstrated. This individual has strong skills in Informix SQL and in database application development concepts as well as having knowledge of the extensibility features of Informix.

This certification requires 1 test(s).
Test(s) required:

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Test C2090-556 – Informix 11.50 Application Developer
What are user created temporary tables used for?

A. To persistently write temporary data to disk.
B. To share result sets across multiple sessions.
C. To access a temporary result set within one session.
D. To automatically delete data based on a time policy.

Answer: C


In an ANSI compliant database, what value of SQLCODE indicates a successful query that
returned no rows?

A. 100
B. -330
C. -201
D. -1

Answer: A


Which Committed Read isolation level statement is correct?

A. It locks all rows examined.
B. It does not check for locks.
C. It checks for locks after returning a row.
D. It checks for locks before returning a row.

Answer: D


Which two values can be used for connection type field from sqlhosts file when using Distributed
Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) protocol? (Choose two.)

A. ontlitcp
B. onipcshm
C. onsoctcp
D. drtlitcp
E. drsoctcp

Answer: D,E


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