C2040-925 Installing and Configuring IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5

Test information:
Number of questions: 54
Time allowed in minutes: 75
Required passing score: 74%
Languages: English, Japanese

Exam 925: Installing and Configuring IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5

Description: Covers Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 material as it relates to these competency areas:
Defining and Managing Policies
Install and Configure
Manage and Maintain
Managing Servers
Platform Support

Defining and Managing Policies
Configure mail policy settings
Configuring policies
custom password
desktop locking
desktop policy
policy synopsis
productivity policy
security policy
Utilizing custom password policies
Configuring the Roaming User Policy settings
Creating policies

Install and Configure
Configuring AutoSave features
Configuring Directory Links
Configuring Directory Services
Condensed Directory Catalogs
LDAP services
Configuring Domino Clustering
Configuring Domino Web Servers
Configuring network compression
Configuring roaming users
considering space planning requirements
Configuring the Room and Resource Manager
Configuring Transaction Logging
Configuring User ID Recovery
Creating Dynamic Policies
Identify the architecture and key components of the Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino environments
Implementing Lotus Traveler
Installing Notes clients
multi-user clients
Installing the Notes server client installer
Preventing simple search
Organizational Units
Understanding authentication-only directory services

Inbox Maintenance
Mail Journaling
Message Recall functionality
outbound SMTP relay authentication
Reverse Path Settings
RSS feed enabled mailfiles
the Out of Office enhancements in the client
the Out of Office server service
Creating Domino (Notes) Named Networks
Defining Mail Routing Protocols
Defining supported message formats
Planning for and Expanding Mail Topologies
Setting up message disclaimers
Understanding Mail Management enhancements
Understanding Message Recall functionality

Manage and Maintain
Configuring the Domino Console
Configuring the prevention of incorrect system time changes
Configuring the Server Controller
Setting administrative preferences
Understanding Directory Assistance enhancements
Understanding Directory Services\Directory Assistance
Understanding the Administration Process
Understanding the Domino Administrator UI

Managing Servers
Configuring Send to IBM feature
Configuring Web Administration Bookmarks
Understanding Domino server console commands
Understanding the server controller
Upgrading Domino Servers to version 8.5

Platform Support
Defining Domino attributes
Certifier Documents
Configuration Documents
Connection Documents
Group Documents
Person Documents

Configuring Message Recall security
Defining Security Fields
Deploying Lotus Traveler security features
Implementing Shared Login
Understanding and Configuring the Access Control List (ACL)
Understanding database Access Control Lists
Understanding password protection for Notes and Domino id files

IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer – Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5

Job Role Description / Target Audience
This certification is for experienced Notes Domino 8.5 application developers who can demonstrate competency in building and maintaining Domino 8.5 applications with LotusScript, JavaScript, or Web Services, or can build and deploy composite applications with Notes Domino 8.5.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills
The IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer – Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 should be able to demonstrate the skills required to effectively build and maintain Domino 8.5 applications with the application of commensurate knowledge and skills in one of three areas : LotusScript, JavaScript, or Web Services or effectively build and deploy Composite Applications with Notes Domino 8.5.

LotusScript Knowledge and Skill Areas :

Programming Concepts
Application Architecture and Performance competencies
Back-end LotusScript Competencies
User Interface Competencies

JavaScript Knowledge and Skill Areas:
Core JavaScript Skills
Use JavaScipt in Documents and Forms
Use JavaScript in Navigation and the User Interface
Use JavaScript in Notes/Domino Input
Use JavaScript in Notes/Domino Processing and Validation
Use JavaScript in the Notes/Domino Environment

Web Services Knowledge and Skill Areas:
Web services design and architecture
Web services in Domino Designer
Role of WSDL file in a Web service
Role of SOAP in a Web service
Web services using LotusScript

Composite Applications Knowledge and Skill Areas:
Composite Applications design and architecture
Building Composite Applications for Lotus Notes
Deploying Composite Applications in Notes/Domino

IBM Certified System Administrator – Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5

Job Role Description / Target Audience
This certification is for experienced Domino 8 system administrators or system administrators new to Domino and who need to plan, install, set up, and manage Lotus Domino 8.5 servers and users. The IBM Certified System Administrator – Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 should be able to perform the tasks associated with the IBM Certified Associate System Administrator – Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 and also demonstrate skills associated with growth in expanding a Domino infrastructure through such areas as clustering, expanded monitoring configurations and replication/mail routing topologies, etc.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills
– Installation and configuration
– Mail and messaging
– Management and maintenance
– Utilizing Domino Attachment and Object Service
– Management of servers
– Defining Domino attributes
– Implementing Lotus Traveler
– Understanding, configuring, and managing security, including deploying implementing, and managing the ID Vault

Which of the following are optional advanced services that must be enabled manually when first
configuring and installing the Domino server?

A. SMTP server
B. Agent Manager
C. Calendar Connector
D. DOLS (Domino Off-Line Services)

Answer: A


In order to create a Domino cluster, which rights are required for you to have to the Domino

A. Editor access rights and ClusterModifier role
B. Reader access rights and ServerWriter and ServerManager roles
C. Designer access rights and ClusterCreator and ClusterModifier roles
D. Author access and Delete Documents rights and the ServerModifier and ServerCreator roles

Answer: D


Jose set up Web authentication using primary and secondary directories. Which one of the
following describes the order in which he set up directories to be searched?

A. Domino primary directory, then Domino secondary directories. This is the only option available.
B. Domino primary directory, then either Domino or LDAP secondary directories. The
administrator can specify the order of secondary searches.
C. LDAP primary directory, then LDAP secondary directory, and then Domino secondary
directories. This is the order in which secondary searches must be made.
D. Domino primary directory, then Domino secondary directory, and then LDAP secondary
directories. This is the order in which secondary searches must be made.

Answer: B


A Notes mail message is sent by Miguel to an Internet address through an adjacent Domino
domain over NRPC that then sends mail to the Internet over SMTP. Miguel is now attempting to
recall the mail message. Which of the following will be the result of his attempt?

A. He will receive an email that he cannot recall the email message
B. He will immediately receive a prompt that the message is not enabled for message recall
C. He will receive a message from the Internet recipients mail server that the message cannot be
D. He will successfully recall the message if it is allowed in the server configuration and enabled in
his user policy

Answer: A


In order for Peggy to establish alternate message recall settings on a per server basis, which of
the following is the best solution?

A. Configure the message recall settings in an organization level policy
B. Configure the message recall settings in each server’s notes.ini file
C. Configure the message recall settings in each server configuration document
D. Configure the message recall settings in explicit policies and manually apply to users

Answer: C


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