C2040-415 Developing OpenSocial Applications

Test information:
Number of questions: 55
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 61%
Test languages: English

Related certifications:
IBM Certified Solution Developer – OpenSocial
Exam 415: Developing OpenSocial Applications

Exam Competencies
Description: Covers OpenSocial material as it relates to competencies within the following product areas:

OpenSocial Basics and Troubleshooting
OpenSocial Security
OpenSocial Gadgets
Using OpenSocial with IBM Notes and Domino
Using OpenSocial with IBM Connections

OpenSocial Basics and Troubleshooting
Identify primary OpenSocial benefits
Using OpenSocial Features
Design User Interfaces
Understand Container Services
Understand URL syntax
Understand protocols (REST/RPC)
Configure Apache Shindig
Configure development tools
Implement Embedded Experiences
Debug/Resolve OpenSocial code/design issues
Identify performance issues
Control concurrent connections so data is not overwritten

OpenSocial Security
Understand OAuth
Set up service provider authentication
Describe the role of proxy settings within the OpenSocial container
Create a Managed Account

OpenSocial Gadgets
Create OpenSocial Gadgets
Configure gadget data flow
Create portable gadgets
Use gadget lifecycle
Bind data to the UI
Read XML Schema
Work with JSON objects
Embed expressions into XML using ${Expr} syntax
Use reserved variables (${Top}, ${ContextIndex})
Access a service provider with a gadget
Handle Ajax request/response
Invoke REST services
Build OpenSocial templates

Using OpenSocial with IBM Notes and Domino
Install and configure OpenSocial features in IBM Domino
Access IBM Domino data in an OpenSocial Gadget
Employ OpenSocial Gadgets in an IBM Domino XPages application
Employ OpenSocial Gadgets in an IBM Notes client application (non-XPages)
Work with gadgets in IBM iNotes
Consume Gadget with IBM Notes client widgets
Use the Widget Catalog
Use the IBM Notes and Domino Credential Store Application

Using OpenSocial with IBM Connections
Use IBM Connections OpenSocial API
Work with IBM Connections API via OAuth
Use IBM Connections microblogging API
Work with Activity Streams
Work with Profiles (with Profiles API)
Work with Embedded Experiences
Use IBM Connections REST authentication
Utilize IBM Connections REST API
Configure IBM Connections widgets

IBM Certified Solution Developer – OpenSocial

Job Role Description / Target Audience
This certification is for OpenSocial application developers who will be creating projects that integrate with IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 and IBM Connections 4.5. The individual seeking this certification will need a deep understanding of OpenSocial features, including OAuth and Activity Streams. Additionally, this individual will need knowledge of Notes and Domino and Connections architectural concepts and the use of complex functions and features. Finally, this candidate will need experience with HTML and JavaScript.

Key areas of focus:
OpenSocial Basics and Troubleshooting
OpenSocial Security
OpenSocial Gadgets
Using OpenSocial with IBM Notes and Domino
Using OpenSocial with IBM Connections

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

– Extensive experience with HTML

– Extensive experience with JavaScript

– Extensive knowledge of OpenSocial specifications

– Experience developing applications for IBM Notes and Domino

– Experience developing application for IBM Connections


Which two features enable a gadget developer to programmatically address sizing limitations in an
IFrame allowing content to shrink or grow as needed?

A. css
B. views
C. resize
D. dynamic-width
E. dynamic-height

Answer: D,E
Reference: ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/dw/lotus/OS_gadget_IC4_final.pdf (page 6)

What is true regarding a gadget with Type=”URL”?

A. Only Type=”HTML” can be used for an OpenSocial Gadget.
B. A standard set of parameters are not added to the URL by the gadget server.
C. Type URL gadgets cannot take advantage of all features, notably features that manipulate
HTML and JavaScript code directly.
D. When loading JavaScript library requests, a server must provide an OAuth service for retrieving
core and feature-linked JavaScript.

Answer: C
Reference: http://opensocial-resources.googlecode.com/svn/spec/2.0/OpenSocial-
Specification.xml (Concepts and terminology, see type URL)

Jason configured Apache Shindig to host social applications.
What functionality does the OpenSocial Container JavaScript provide?

A. UI layout
B. feature extensions
C. security management
D. profiles, friends, activities, datastore

Answer: D
Reference: https://shindig.apache.org/

The MiniMessage library allows a developer to display a message window to a user.
Which is a valid message type?

A. Default
B. Custom
C. Dynamic
D. Dismissible

Answer: D

Explanation: https://developers.google.com/gadgets/docs/ui

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