810-403 OUTCOMES Selling Business Outcomes

810-403 OUTCOMES Selling Business Outcomes

Exam Number 810-403
Associated Certifications Cisco Business Value Specialist
Duration 90 Minutes (60 – 70 questions)
Available Languages English, French, Japanese

This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to selling technology services and solutions with a business outcome focus. Questions cover essential capabilities to grow pipeline and revenue through work across sales stages from “Prospect” through “Close”.

13% 1.0 Business Outcomes Sales Approach
1.1 Identify concepts and elements of business outcome-based sales approach
1.2 Explain the value of business outcome-based sales
1.3 Identify new skills for business outcome-based sales
1.4 Explain the difference between product and business outcome-based sales
1.5 Describe the three types of outcomes

20% 2.0 Customer Business Environment
2.1 Identify key customer stakeholders
2.2 Identify business outcome-based opportunities across industry verticals
2.3 Describe the business impact from emerging products and services
2.4 Describe the link between Cisco solutions and services to business outcomes
2.5 Describe the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
2.6 Describe the importance of Critical Success Factors (CFSs)

25% 3.0 Customer Business Context,  Challenges, and Opportunities
3.1 Analyze stakeholder expectations and their approach for technology purchases and adoption
3.2 Apply the stakeholder power/influence grid to identify and manage stakeholders
3.3 Identify business outcomes that are based on the customer business context and business requirements
3.4 Describe how business outcome-based sales impacts the customer value proposition
3.5 Apply the business model canvas to define the customer environment, business model, and motivators for change
3.6 Interpret the financial impact on business value, opportunities, and challenges in business outcome-based selling
3.7 Describe the four types of requirements for the customer’s business

25% 4.0 Outcome-Based Opportunity for Customer Impact
4.1 Identify customer priorities for required business outcomes
4.2 Identify required consumption models
4.3 Describe Cisco solutions and services that will enable business outcomes for the customer
4.4 Identify business outcome-based opportunities from licensing models
4.5 Define customer decision criteria and key performance indicators to measure business outcomes
4.6 Interpret benefits and costs from a business outcome-based sales approach

17% 5.0 Manage and Communicate with Stakeholders
5.1 Describe the process for communicating with stakeholders
5.2 Describe the Cisco sales enablement resources to enhance the business outcome-based experience for the stakeholders
5.3 Determine a business outcome-based sales plan that is aligned with stakeholders need
5.4 Apply the Seven Elements Framework for communicating and negotiating with stakeholders
5.5 Articulate the business value of the proposed solution to stakeholders
5.6 Describe the components of the process to gain stakeholder support
Which option must you know when you plan to negotiate or reach agreement?

A. underlying Interests of the stakeholders
B. timing for decision on purchases
C. the customer budget
D. Cisco offerings

Answer: A

Which two activities require strong facilitation skills for gathering qualitative data? (Choose two.)

A. workshop
B. focus group
C. survey
D. questionnaire
E. interview

Answer: A,B

Which two dimensions are used in the stakeholder power grid? (Choose two.)

A. Influence/Authority
B. Power/Influence
C. Interest/Empathy
D. Interest/Support
E. Consensus/Support

Answer: B,D


Which two options are reasons why effective communications is key to success? (Choose two.)

A. It allows effective interaction between stakeholders.
B. Can help mitigate the intrinsic risks within negotiation.
C. It allows other strengths to create maximum impact.
D. Can help lessen the impact of business weakness.

Answer: A,D

Which are the four types of requirements for aligning outcomes to business needs?

A. Business, Functional, Strategic,Tactical
B. Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Procedural
C. Functional, Operational, Administrative, Strategic
D. Business, Technical, Functional, Transitional

Answer: D


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