Prep Cram 70-680 Exam Question Answers

Microsoft revealed Windows 7 to the world in 2009 and has now created several mcsa certifications based on this new technology. These include the MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7 and the MCITP Enterprise Administrator 7. Candidates for both these certifications should have experience of implementing, managing and configuring Microsoft technologies in an enterprise environment. For the 70-680 exam, which is included in both certifications, you are required to already understand how to upgrade to Windows 7, overcome compatibility issues and manage and maintain the Windows 7 system.
BigNews.Biz – Apr 08,2011 – As expected as Microsoft technology has changed, so has the certifications. Although many still remain the same, there was been some changes to specific certifications. Windows 7 has quickly replaced most Vista and XP systems, and in turn many IT specialists have had to bring up to date their qualifications.
To certify under any of these two certifications, you need to pass the 70-680 exam, which tests your initial ability to configure windows. You should be able to perform a clean installation of Windows 7(windows 7 certification) and upgrade from prior Microsoft technologies or versions of Windows 7. The exam will go on to test your ability in deploying Windows, configuring applications and hardware, network connectivity, access to resources (i.e. shared folders, printers etc), backup and recovery options, maintaining the personal computer and mobile computing. This exam covers everything from the essential process of installation to the configuration of software, hardware and resources.

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For the Desktop Enterprise Technician 7, next you will need to take MCITP Enterprise Administrator exam 70-685, which focuses on identifying issues, from initial setup and configuration issues to failure issues. Exam 70-685 tests these skills in the following areas; Desktop applications, networking, hardware, performance, wireless connectivity, remote access and security. This exam focuses on understanding the causes of such issues and how to resolve them.

For the Enterprise Administrator 7, the next exam to take is the 70-686 exam, which aims to test your ability to set the strategy for managing and supporting the infrastructure as well as applications. This exam mostly focuses on the administrative side and concentrates on creating standard images for windows clients, designing Windows 7 client configurations and deployment, planning and managing a strategy for hardware, software and licensing, acknowledging any issues or problems (i.e. network issues) and managing applications.

To prepare for these exams, it is recommended that you study for these exams, as well as have hands on experience with Windows 7. Since Microsoft certifications are knowledge based(mcts certification) as well as practical, you’ll need to be able to put your knowledge into practice. You can access 70-640 training resources whether by attending classes, or self study (book or computer based training).