Why Should I Get CompTIA Certification?

Nowadays, with the development of society and economy, it’s important to have an edge over the competition in the job market. Some people choose to be a doctor, and some just wish to be a teacher. For those people who work in the IT industry, one way to get ahead is to get a well regarded CompTIA A+ certification. But which CompTIA certification is right for you?

CompTIA offers a number of IT certifications that can help you qualify for a well paying job. CompTIA certifications cover a wide variety of disciplines including computer basics, IT security, computer networking, Linux programming, and more. But before you begin your CompTIA study, you should decide which certification best fits your expertise and career goals.


MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

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If you are just starting out in the IT industry, then the CompTIA A+ certification is probably right for you. For people more interested in an important and up and coming field, CompTIA Security+ certification is the way to go. Another important CompTIA certification is CompTIA Network+. This 220-701 Exam exhibits competence in managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing, and configuring computer network infrastructures. This is especially important for companies with large computer networks connecting hundreds of employees. If you have a passion for open-source technology and some Linux experience under your belt, you should consider pursuing your CompTIA Linux+ certification.

There are many more CompTIA certifications that deal with more specialized fields. You can find more information at CompTIA’s website or in a library. Seriously, when I start to know Comptia, I think it’s really hard to me. Then I kept searching every information about this, and borrowed many Comptia’s books from library. At last, I promise myself, no matter how difficult it is, I will try my best to prepare it and gain the certification, cause Comptia is really fill with challenge. Well, I have to admit that the most important is it can help me to improve my career.During I prepare my exams, I always download the test questions through that site. It’s free to download and the most important point is the materials are really useful. I hope my post can help you, and prove your worth with the right CompTIA Network+ certification, then you will have a definite edge in the job market.