Do You Know Which IT Certifications You Should Consider If You Are New to the IT Field?

What three IT certifications would give you a foundational knowledge in computer hardware, software, networking and network security? What three IT certifications could be applied to any number of IT positions? What three IT certifications are generally accepted by most organizations? What three certifications are not tied to a specific vendor and/or product? What three IT certifications can be acquired in the shortest period of time, but at the same time, be relevant for the life of your IT career?


MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

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These are the types of questions most asked by individuals that are either interested in breaking into the IT field for the first time or those that are seeking advancement in their current IT position.

This article will inform the reader of the author’s selections, common job roles someone could qualify for after he/she secured the IT certifications, estimated earnings and a not-so-known IT initiative that will demand the need for the recommended IT certifications.

What These IT Certifications Recommendations Aren’t

Before the recommendations are revealed, it important to note that these recommendations don’t constitute a guarantee of employment, a raise, a better position or more IT contract opportunities for anyone that chooses to follow these recommendations. There are other factors to consider outside of IT certification that influence these events.

The Three IT Certification Recommendations For Right Now

– Comptia A+ Certification (foundational body of knowledge that will certify you to install, maintain, network, troubleshoot computer and software).
– Comptia Network+ Certification (foundational body of knowledge that will certify to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install and configure basic network infrastructures).
– Comptia Security+ Certification (foundational body of knowledge that will certify you for IT systems and organizational security)

Typical Job Roles For Certified Comptia A+/Network+/Security+ Professionals
Here are some of the common job roles that would consider the Comptia A+/Network+/Security+ certification a pre-requisite:

– Network Administrator
– Computer/Network Support Technician
– System Administrator, Computer/Network
– Systems Administrator
– Systems Engineer
– Computer Technical Support Specialist
– Help Desk Technician
– Technical Trainer
– IT Contractor
– Information Technology Specialist
– LAN/WAN Network Administrator
– Network Engineer
– Senior Systems Engineer, Computer Networking
– Support Technician
– Security Engineer

What Can I Expect To Earn With Comptia A+/Network+/Security+ Certifications?
Obviously the answer to this question depends on a lot of factors—variables like real world experience, tenure and where you reside to name a few, but Comptia certification can provide a significant advantage in the technology market.

With that said, here are some statistics and a web reference:

1. According to, the median annual salary range for an A+ Service Technician ranges from $34,863-$56,010.

2. The median annual salary range for a Comptia Network+ Technician is $30,837 to $61,028.

3. The median annual salary range for a Comptia Security+ IT Specialist can be from $50,306-$68,086.

To see the median annual salaries for A+/Network +/Security+ and other certified job roles on, click HERE.

So What Is This Not-So-Known IT Initiative that will demand Comptia Certificates?
Full time or part time military service members, contractors, local nationals with DoD IS access and employees and contractors to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Combatant Commands, the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense and all other Defense Agency personnel will soon be required to have Comptia A+, & Security+ (and several other certifications depending on job function/security clearance) certifications because of one major governmental compliance event, the 8570.1 Directive.

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