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CompTIA 220-602 (2007 Edition) IT Technician Exam is more normally known as a+ certification. This exam is conducted by CompTIA Inc., which is a well known and popular software corporation. Besides this exam, there are several exams conducted by this company in the sphere of Information Technology. The approach of the job market towards you can noticeably alter, once you have this certification.
The only precondition condition to appear for this certification is the A+ Exams 220-601 “fundamentals” exam. This examination has been designed for the IT professionals having 500 hours of experience in the actual work domain. The candidates who can appear for this exam include: remote administrators, depot assemblers and desktop support specialists and other entry level professionals.

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The test has around 80 to 90 questions, in the multiple choice format. A total of 100 minutes is allocated for these questions. A score of 700 is considered to be a pass. Even if the rules regarding the number of questions and the questionnaire format is subjected to alterations any prearranged time. The candidates are always advised to check the official website of the examination prior to attempting the paper.

The subsequent are the topics which are covered in this exam. This list is not the only topics covered:
1. Operating Systems
2. Networks
3. Security
4. Printer Scanner and Other hardware
5. Safety and Ecological issue: Environment Hazards
6. Desktop, Laptop and other portable device
This certification is one of the mandatory supplies for the CompTIA A+ 2003 certification. The other requirements are: A+ certification and a smallest amount of 09 months hands-on a certification exam experience in the field of Network Support or Administration in the laboratory. Any admission level job as a technician or data entry can efficiently build the foundation for this certification.
The comptia A+ certification is one of many IT certifications for getting an entry level job in the IT (information technology) field as a certified technician. CompTIA A+ Essentials stands for Computer Technology Industry Association.
Job seekers with the A+ certification on their resume show competency and knowledge of computer hardware, operating systems, troubleshooting and repairing PC’s.

In order to get the comptia A+ certification two exams must be passed. The first exam is the essentials exam and the second is the IT technician exam.
The A+ certification is meant for people who have at least 6 months experience working in information technology, but anyone who is new and entering the IT field can study and take the test.
Employers may request that their existing IT technicians get the A+ certification if they haven’t already done so.
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