Using VXML Tools to Design Software

Most people think that interactive dialogue between human and computer is impossible, but by using voice recognition and VXML applications, this becomes possible, and the results are amazing. VoiceXML applications are used extensively in numerous call centres throughout the world, and specific VXML tools are used to personalise each application to suit the need of each client. The automated phone systems that use this have numerous roles, including, but not limited to, package information, order information, notifications and alarms. IVR technology is used alongside it, to provide interactive voice responses to the requests of users.
It may sound extremely complicated, but it is not, and using such systems properly can truly save a lot of time and manpower. To cater to the needs of different customers, different companies have developed their own software and VXML tools. Most offer graphical interfaces that make them extremely easy to use, and most also offer top level maintenance to go along.

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However, some companies go even further, and they offer the tools needed for each company to develop their very own VXML tools and applications. The good part is that no programming skills are required for this, as these also have a graphical interface and use a simple drag and drop method. Companies can use this to create applications tailored to their specific needs, without needing to hire a programmer.
It is well known that developing any application takes considerable financial effort, not to mention the extended period of time that developing a good application requires. By having a graphical interface and clear instructions on how to use the software, companies can save a lot of resources and can have their application ready much faster than expected.
Some may think that applications developed using this will lack the capabilities of professional applications, and that they are nothing more than cheap versions of the professional ones, but that is wrong. In fact, some of the applications created using such tools, and the backend capabilities added to them, are much better than many professional applications that cost several times more. This also includes applications that could be created by professional programmers not using the tools provided, as besides the time needed for development, testing, and tweaking, there is also the matter of price, and that is much higher that what it would cost to purchase the tools needed to create the software.

More than one application is usually used in large companies, and managing them is not a problem, because there is usually a management console available that can be used to monitor all the applications that are running in the system. This allows managers to keep an eye out on what is happening and what their workers are doing, from their own workstations, without having to move around and check up on everyone.
Time is saved this way as well, and it is easy to see why such solutions are increasing in popularity. Managers are free to handle other issues and problems, as they no longer have to worry about keeping an eye on their workers. They have a complete data log that can be checked at all times to see what was going on, and they are notified immediately of any problems that arise in the system.
Workers also gain several benefits from using such applications, as they make their job easier. The applications created using the VXML tools can handle calls from users and provide the required information without any management. Using IVR technology, user responses are analysed and the software determines what the best course of action is. In case there are any errors in detecting what the user is saying, the software can alert a live consultant who can jump into the call directly. All automated phone systems allow consultants to interrupt a call to provide information on promotional deals, emergency alerts, or other things of similar nature. Offering an extremely reduced development time for applications, without costing a fortune, the tools offered can play a major part in the success of any company. Without any disadvantages and without having to worry about maintenance later on, there is no better solution for the creation of VXML applications designed for a specific purpose.