The cloud is changing data management

Businesses are really beginning to embrace cloud computing in ever more complex ways in a bid to improve data management, it has been claimed.

Seth Robinson, one of the authors of the CompTIA second annual Trends in Cloud Computing report, said that more firms – large and small – are experimenting with the cloud to see what specific benefits it could bring to them.


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The comments follow the report’s findings that 69 per cent of IT bosses are using Software as a Service (SaaS) compared to 32 per cent using Paas/IaaS (Platform/Infrastructure as a service).

He added that a further 36 per cent are planning to use PaaS/IaaS, proof that companies are using the cloud to develop the infrastructure of data management.

“With the percentage of people we see that are planning on moving into infrastructure or platform, we think that really signifies a more complex use of the cloud and companies beginning to invest more of their IT strategy in the cloud or probably, even beginning new capabilities in the cloud,” Mr Robinson explained.

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