Virtual Environments – An Ideal Answer to Your Sophisticated Development Requirements

Countless organizations with IT needs use numerous complicated, expensive, and time-consuming solutions so as to make an enterprise applications environment for development, testing, QA, migration, demos, IT training and other preproduction demands. This means that not only does it require investment in computers and also other hardware, software licenses, and IT resources to install and maintain the environment, but developing and testing programs in prelaunch can be tough if different members within the team are not all situated in the same office and made worse if they are not in the same geographic location. There are obvious expenses incurred in obtaining new servers and also other hardware, software programs and software licenses – in addition to the necessity for extra manpower in order to build and maintain the working environment. The situation becomes further complicated when various members of the development team are not in the same physical location and then collaborating gets to be more difficult.


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These issues are especially a burden to small and medium sized firms, who don’t have the resources to build parallel virtual labs for their product development work.

Virtual labs can certainly help to minimize the problems and cost of creating and collaborating on development and test environments. A cloud-based virtual enterprise environment can enable programmers, solution integrators and IT team members to create the required environment easily and swiftly, with no IT investment of any kind. And when all the software they require is already preinstalled on the server with all the current important OS’s, as is the case with many cloud sharing solutions, all the better. All of these environments may be used for any form of software development project, and also have been found to be especially valuable for developers involved in complicated enterprise IT assignments, like Business Objects, Microsoft SharePoint® and SAP® ERP.

This virtual lab enables developers, who largely rely on enterprise platforms, to build up and test their services quickly and conveniently. This method furthermore aids straight forward migration the moment the environment is ready for production immediately after development and testing. Now it is uncomplicated for technical experts to QA the actual software programs which have been developed or produced on the virtual environment. There is no longer a necessity to build multiple servers and no need to travel to the site where the server environment has been created, or cope with firewall or maybe VPN issues. Every little thing is now offered in a straightforward cloud environment, with just a Web browser. Each individual person in the team, no matter where in the world he is based, can connect to the preproduction server enabling him to make the required tests and modifications.

Workflow layers make it painless to transfer the virtual environment. Quickly set up the environment by means of the easy drag-and-drop features.

Every single member of the group will be able to simultaneously build, test, QC and run demonstrations of the enterprise programs using independent clones of the environment – which is as easy to share as sending an email or a link – or collaborate in the exact same environment in real-time. It has never before been so easy and effortless to move the preproduction environment to a production server.