15 Google+ Users You Should Add to Your Circles

Google+ is in its early days, but here’s a list of early-adopters and thought leaders that you should be paying attention to on Google’s new social network.

It hasn’t even been a month since Google launched Google+, and the social network has already been popular. CEO Larry Page said last week that Google+ has already added 10 million users and about a billion items are shared on the service every day.

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Without the 140-character limitations of Twitter and with friend-organization tools that are more user-friendly than those of Facebook, people are using Google+ in a much different way than they use other social networks, and Google has really left it up to the user to mold their Google+ experience to their liking. For example, Digg co-founder Kevin Rose has adopted it as his blog.

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Perhaps users enjoy this kind of flexibility. Google+ was first launched at the end of June in a “field trial.” Less than two weeks later, Google opened up the service on an invitation basis. Naturally, in the first few days, Google+’s population was dominated by early adopters and tech industry folk. Celebrities that are ubiquitous on Facebook and Twitter are mostly scant on Google+ for now. But new users are signing up each day, which brings up a question: who should you include in your Google+ Circles? Sure, you could add rapper-slash-actor 50 Cent or “Pretty Boy Swag” singer Soulja Boy, a few of the celebrities that are early to the G+ party, but they’re not the thought leaders on Google’s newborn platform.

It’s early in the game; many people are learning how to use Google+ as they go. But some are clearly figuring it out faster than others, and the things they’re sharing range from the entertaining to the inspiring. Here are our picks for the most follow-worthy users on Google+.