Difference Between PC Tablet And Laptop

If you are new to the world of this latest gadget known as PC tablet and still don’t know the many benefits that it offers to the users then you definitely need to educate yourself as the facilities and functionality that this little machine offers are unlimited. Most of the people still get confused in laptops and Pc tablet but there are some clear distinguishing factors that set them apart.

The basic set up of a laptop resembles that of Personal Computer including a keyboard and mouse, if required. While ergonomics of any best pc tablet is quite different from laptop in a sense that they are more mobile and light in weight and have touch screens. You can easily operate pc tablet with the help of pen.

Most of the best pc tablets have been designed to be portable and sleek. Though some also come in slightly bigger sizes but their main benefit to the users is their mobility factor. If you go through some of the pc tablet reviews then you will definitely find this most important factor that makes this gadget so popular as compared to laptops that are much heavier in size and bigger in shape.


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Prices of laptops are comparatively less than that of pc tablet if do the tablet computer comparison with laptops reason being their portability and small size.

Laptops support variety of functions and operations of heavier software and programs as compared to most of the pc tablets. They are faster due to more hard drive space. Therefore, they are more efficient when you talk about the functionality factor.

Laptops battery last longer than that of pc tablet so they can be used for longer durations.

So it’s clear that if you talk about functionality then laptops rate are much higher as it’s actually a form of personal computer that you can easily carry while traveling. It has all the functions that a typical personal computer can offer without compromising on speed, memory and hard disk space. The only drawback that it has in comparison to some of the best pc tablet out there is the 3G connectivity which is missing from the laptops. PC tablets on the other hand are smaller version of laptops with reduced functionality due to smaller size, limited hard drive space, memory and battery life. Thought it has an additional feature of 3G, games and sending emails but not for detailed work or typing. It can be used more like an e-book. You cannot replace a laptop with any best pc tablet available in the market due to their reduced functions and operations when it comes to business.

Both cater to different target markets due to the above mentioned factors and the users cannot ignore the importance of laptop as compared to pc tablets which can be used more as means of communication through emails. Though some of the pc tablets have tried to improve on the functionality factor by providing USB ports of keyboards, mouse and attachment to laptops or personal computers so that the data can be shared through them. But let alone they are more suitable for people who are always traveling and don’t depend on them for their detailed tasks that can only be done on laptop.