CompTIA to launch data storage certification

IT industry association CompTIA has joined forces with the non-profit Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) to launch a new certification aimed at validating and improving the skills of IT professionals working in the storage space.

The ‘CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA’ certification will cover various technologies in areas such as data storage, storage networking, data protection and associated underlying technologies.

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CompTIA hopes that the vendor-neutral global credential will become the building block with which storage managers carry out their vital role in supporting the IT function and, ultimately, the business, according to Terry Erdle, executive vice president of skills certification.

“Our goal from the start is to build a credential that can become ISO accredited credential,” he said. “Recognition by ISO will go a long way to making this certification a de facto standard. The time has come for a global ISO-accredited storage certification.”

Erdle was also keen to point out that although there are a large number of certifications on the market today, this one would have value.

“We take our cues from the industry. In the case of our work with SNIA, as trade associations you have to do you due diligence,” he said.

“It takes a while to find the common ground and it takes time to do it right. We’re confident that when Storage+ launchers later this year it will be well-received and widely adopted by the industry.”

A September 2010 CompTIA survey found that 90 per cent of organisations expect their need for data storage capacity to increase by at least 10 per cent over the next two years.

In addition, around half said that their organisations has least five people who support or manage their storage technologies, while a similar amount expects the number of employees who support and manage storage to increase over the next two years.

A beta release of the new examination and certification is scheduled for the second quarter of 2011, followed by global availability in the second half of the year.

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